Malta, Pierce Lane Rehabilitation


Location: MALTA, IDAHO




Expertise: Construction

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After a winter with greater than normal snowpack, the 2017 spring runoff quickly turned to spring flooding which damaged a vital transportation component in Cassia County. Pierce Lane, near Malta, is one of the few paved roadways in the area and has a large cattle operation nearby. During the flooding event, the road was overtopped with water but was still used by heavy trucks to access the cattle operation. As a result, the road was left severely damaged and rutted. Keller Associates was contacted by the Raft River Highway District to determine the extent of the damage to the roadways and to design the necessary repairs. After completing an evaluation, Keller determined that it would be most cost effective to raise the road one foot using cement recycled asphalt base stabilization (CRABS). This solution not only cost effectively restored the road but provided a greater defense against future flooding.

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