Core Values

Everything we do improves lives. We’re not puffing ourselves up—it’s the truth. As an infrastructure engineering company, our work affects our communities, our clients, our people, and our families for the better. When we talk about building infrastructure, we’re really talking about building the heart and soul of the community.


We take a holistic approach to work. That might sound a little bit abstract, but we mean it in the truest sense: You can’t be happy at work if you aren’t happy at home. That’s why we’ve created a workplace that puts a premium on helping people thrive in their careers and in their personal lives. Because when you retire from here—and we hope you stay with us until you do—we want you to look back and feel proud.


Core Values


We’re not rigid in our thinking or our approach. Why limit the possibilities?


Would it make mom proud? If not, we don’t do it.


We’re not slackers, but we also don’t stand on ceremony. We’ll take a can-do attitude over a big title any day.


Acts of kindness are encouraged. That’s how we roll. We look to serve, volunteer and help out wherever we can—be human.


We’re proud of our roots, our connections, and our work. Our beginnings taught us that every relationship is valuable and deserves to be cultivated and cared for.


We seek diversity in our projects and in our people. Diversity gives us the tools—and mindset—we need to tackle anything.


We want our people to grow both at work and in life. We realize happiness doesn’t happen in a vacuum.


Our team may be distributed across cities and states, but our teamwork doesn’t recognize boundaries.


We’re careful with our projects and our people. We don’t burn bridges and we don’t burn out employees.