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Keller Associates completed design services, and furnished construction engineering and full-time inspection, for the $11 million urban roadway reconstruction project in College Place, Washington, referred to as the CARS (College Avenue – Rose Street) project. College Avenue and Rose Street bisect the Walla Walla University campus, and front many of the City’s key public buildings (City Hall, post office, fire station) and commercial destinations. The project involved sewer and water mains, culverts, storm drainage, and urban roadway improvements.

Key project elements included complete roadway reconstruction, removal of the old state highway concrete slab under asphalt, 10-foot wide sidewalks, streetscape enhancements, a city entry/gateway architectural features, intersection and pedestrian signals, pedestrian ramp reconfiguration to ADA requirements, railroad crossing realignment and reconstruction, storm water and drainage facilities, sewer, water, and dry utility relocations. Other project components included extensive franchise utility coordination and sewer/water replacement, and extensions.

Unique challenges faced on this project involved coordination with two power utilities, three water utilities, five fiber and communication utilities, sewer, storm, gas, and gravity irrigation. A utility corridor was established for each utility, and a set time was allotted for utilities to relocate existing and construct new utilities. Another unique element included a partnership between the local Port Authority and the City to add the installation of fiber-optic cable along both sides of College Avenue and one side of Rose Street.

During construction, Keller Associates worked with the City and other stakeholders in managing project budgets and schedules. Monthly project reports were provided to the City showing progress, documenting budget and schedule constraints, and identifying any areas of concern.

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