Water System Improvements


Location: Athol, Idaho


Client: The City of Athol


Expertise: Water

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Keller worked with the City of Athol when they had concerns about their two cemetery water tanks that needed replacement due to age and wear. A Water Master Plan was developed to address the aging water tanks and insufficient water supply issues discovered during planning. In addition, a nearby development requested to be annexed by the City and tied into the City’s water system. Keller provided water demand projections, storage evaluations, hydraulic model analysis, improvement alternatives, a capital improvement plan, rate evaluation, an Environmental Information Document (EID), clear direction for annexation improvements, public meetings, and presentations to the City.

As a part of the City’s water master planning, Keller developed GIS maps of the Athol water system. These maps showed the existing system, including average day pressures, peak hour pressures, available fire flow, improvement alternatives, and capital improvement plan projects. Existing deficiencies included insufficient water supply, inadequate system pressures, lack of storage volume, low fire flows, and aging water meters.

After completing the master plan, Keller designed the first stage of capital improvements. These improvements included modifications to the existing elevated 250,000-gallon tank, demolition of the two cemetery tanks, design of a new 300,000-gallon standpipe reservoir, mechanical and electrical upgrades to the Grove Well, electrical upgrades to the Bennett Well, a new SCADA system for the entire water system, and over a mile of water main improvements. Modifications to the existing tank involved raising it an additional 53 feet in the air with leg extensions to raise the water system’s overall hydraulic grade line. This option allowed the City to continue pressurizing the system by gravity rather than installing booster pumps that required added maintenance and cost.

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