North Lake, MBR Treatment Plant




Client: NLRSWD


Expertise: Wastewater

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Challenged by explosive growth and the creation of a new resort community (Tamarack), the North Lake Recreational Sewer and Water District worked closely with Keller Associates in developing a treatment system that would meet the growing needs of a pristine recreational area.

Cost: $15,700,000
Services Provided:
  • Keller Associates completed the quick-paced master planning and design services and provided construction support services through plant startup
Project Features:
  • 1.25 MGD treatment plant entirely enclosed in a steel building to look like a rural area horse barn
  • 45-foot-high steel building and frame used to support snow and wind loads and a multi-ton crane that moves throughout the building
  • Masonry enclosures were used to isolate machinery and dampen noise
  • Plant houses large concrete MBR tanks over 20 feet deep extending below the floor
  • Complex concrete structures with multi-levels of suspended concrete work
  • Moment framing was incorporated to provide unobstructed areas to house equipment and storage and allow open work areas and office space

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