Headshot image of Rod Linja, Chief Advisor & Principal Emeritus

Rod Linja
Chief Advisor & Principal Emeritus

Out of the Office

Biking (any type – mountain, road, city), skiing, fire pits, mountains, outdoor music, enjoying the flourishing microbrewery scene, and the Vandals!

Fun Facts

I love traveling off the beaten path and exploring cultures. I’m an empty nester — kids are either at college or graduated — so I get to spend time with my rock star dietitian wife. I’m on the University of Idaho, College of Engineering Advisory Board. I believe that you should do what you say, that people are good, and that it’s better to ask forgiveness than permission. I also have a cool T-shirt collection.

Work History & Expertise

I’ve had many, many roles throughout my 30-year career – design engineer, resident engineer, utilities engineer, project manager, transportation discipline leader, vice president, president & CEO, board member, strategic director, cultural warrior, and now chief advisor and principal emeritus.