Headshot image of Larry Rupp, President & CEO

Larry Rupp
President & CEO

Out of the Office

I enjoy spending time with my family, waterskiing, wakeboarding, watching sports, playing sports, working outside (including visiting my parents’ farm), and serving others. I like history and non-fiction books, but would rather just watch the movie when it comes to fiction.

Fun Facts

My first date with my wife was a prank. Somehow, she still went on a second date with me. Also, I learned to drive on the farm around age 5. I had to look between the steering wheel and dashboard to see the road.

Work History & Expertise

During the early parts of my career, I worked at a national engineering firm on larger treatment projects throughout the West. I have spent most of my career managing water and wastewater projects, especially those involving pumping, storage, and treatment. Other roles include principal, vice president, and now president & CEO.